The expertise of DDCM in the field of (Big) Data Management covering topics such as data integration, data quality assessment and decision support, is available in the form of a consultancy service. A selection of various projects in which DDCM contributes as data management expert can be found below. For more information regarding our consultancy service, please contact us.


Under the umbrella “A healthy diet for a healthy life”, the goal of the ENPADASI project is to deliver an open access research infrastructure that will contain data from a wide variety of nutritional studies, ranging from mechanistic/interventions to epidemiological studies including a multitude of phenotypic outcomes that will facilitate combined analyses in the future. DDCM is actively involved in ontology development for term standardization and has the scientific lead on a work package that investigates data integration for query support.

The aim of the TILES project is to develop an advanced decision support system that can aid in the sustainable extraction of offshore sand in the North Sea for coastal maintenance and industrial use. To obtain this, tools that link 3D geological models, knowledge and concepts to numerical environmental impact models are required in order to quantify natural and man-made changes. The main contribution of DDCM is the extraction of knowledge from a 3D voxel model through an advanced multi-criteria decision making platform.

Commissioned by the Hercules foundation and executed in close cooperation with the Department of History of Ghent University, the SMLC project aims to integrate two historical data collections. One contains data describing 34 000 charters and has never been made available publicly. The other consists of a completely updated version of the ‘Narrative Sources’ database. Both contain imperfect (unknown, contradictory, imprecise) data. The main contribution of DDCM consists of dealing with these imperfect data in order to unlock the data collections for querying and information retrieval.

Commissioned by the DruQuaR research group (Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences), a data integration platform was enrolled to collect and centralize the physiochemical properties and experimental results of certain groups of molecules. Currently, three web portals are available to search for specific information: